WAET: AET chain’s strategic layout and innovation in the actual proof-of-work (RWA) track

Introduction In today’s rapidly evolving digital economy, the AET ecosystem, with its unique innovative capabilities and broad application scenarios, is gradually becoming a leader in the global digital asset market. The AET ecosystem is composed of a public chain, a digital wallet, and an AI digital human platform. These components synergistically create a dynamic and…Read More

The All Universe Ecological Global Launch Conference concluded successfully

On May 10th, All Universe celebrated a historic moment. The conference, themed “Gathering Momentum for a New Voyage, Drawing blueprints of the future together” was grandly inaugurated in Kuala Lumpur. Initiated by the All Universe ecosystem, the event attracted hundreds of industry heavyweights, leaders, renowned investment institutions, international media, and many Web3 innovators and opinion…Read More

Tapbit Exchange Launched 0 Slippage Copy Trading Feature, Revolutionizing Crypto Trading Experience

Tapbit, the global leading cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the launch of a revolutionary feature: 0 Slippage Copy Trading. This innovative functionality effectively addresses the issue of slippage in copy trading, allowing followers to accurately replicate the trading actions of their chosen traders and setting a new industry standard. Copy trading is an automated strategy widely…Read More

The ArtsArena in Hong Kong, which frequently appears, is set for a major breakthrough in 2024?

Hong Kong, one of the world’s freest economies, has fostered numerous outstanding blockchain projects, creating an ideal ecosystem for the flourishing of Web 3.0 technologies. Web3 digital nomads are now seeking the breath of freedom, and gathering in Hong Kong. However, attempts to continue a crypto narrative detached from reality may not be able to reappear. And the…Read More