A New Era for the AET Ecosystem: The Digital Human AIGC Platform Launch Event Successfully Held in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, March 28 — In an era marked by the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology and the digital economy, the AET ecosystem has reached a historic milestone with the successful launch event of the AET Digital Human AIGC Platform. This significant occasion attracted elites from technology, finance, education, and other sectors, showcasing AET’s firm commitment and vision to propel the global digital economy forward. 

On this landmark day, AET not only introduced a new technology but also proclaimed the dawn of a new era — the birth of a vibrant and innovative digital world shaped by public blockchain, digital wallets, and AI digital humans. March 28, this game-changing launch event, highlighted the AET ecosystem’s new expansions and its profound impact on the development of the digital economy through in-depth discussions on the future directions of AI digital human technology and its potential in driving industry innovation. The event brought together industry leaders, tech pioneers, and thought leaders to explore and envision the future together. It delved into the innovative applications of AI digital human technology and focused on how the breakthrough AET AI Digital Human AIGC Platform could further expand the AET ecosystem and promote comprehensive progress in the digital economy.

Opening & Executive Keynote

As the launch event commenced, Prof. Yang WANG, Vice-Chancellor of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Mr. Victor YIM, the Head of Fintech at Cyberport, took the stage to deliver their addresses. Their speeches highlighted AET’s significant role in advancing technology education and fintech innovation, showing firm support and expectation for AET’s future development. The presence and remarks of these two leaders injected vital academic and industry perspectives into the meeting, showcasing the AET ecosystem’s profound foundation and wide influence in the tech community.

AET AIGC Platform Official Launch

The subsequent official inauguration of the AET Digital Human AIGC Platform marked a new milestone in AET’s integration of digital asset payments and AI technology. This pivotal moment not only evidenced AET’s ongoing commitment and achievements in tech innovation but also symbolized the AET ecosystem’s determination to ascend to a higher level in the global digital economy. The support and participation of the attendees underscored the critical role and potential of the AET ecosystem in the global digital transformation.

Keynote Speeches

Following the initiation ceremony of the AET Digital Human AIGC Platform, the launch event transitioned into its core segment—a series of keynote speeches providing deep insights into future technology trends. These presentations not only demonstrated the AET ecosystem’s strength in technological innovation but also unveiled the vast prospects of the digital economy’s future to the attendees.

The Future of Fiat Digitalization on Blockchains

Mr. Declan SIDEY, a technical advisor at the AET Foundation, delivered the first in-depth analysis of the future development of the AET public chain. He elaborated on how blockchain technology could achieve currency digitalization and discussed how this advancement could revolutionize the global financial system. SIDEY highlighted the AET public chain’s potential in enhancing transaction efficiency, reducing operational costs, and bolstering financial security, envisioning its pivotal role in the future digital economy landscape.

AET HD Wallet: Web3 Social Pioneer

Subsequently, Mr. David SCHREIBER, Business Development Manager at the AET Foundation, delved into AET’s first application—the AETHD Wallet. He explained how the wallet utilizes Web3 technology to provide users with a secure, convenient, and decentralized social experience. SCHREIBER showcased how the AETHD Wallet integrates various digital assets and its unique value in facilitating users’ exploration of the blockchain world.

AET AIGC Platform: World’s First Digital Asset Payment Digital Human Platform

The final presentation was delivered by Mr. Weiliang WU, Operations Director at Tencent Zhiying & Juwang Technology and AET Digital Human Technology Advisor. He comprehensively elucidated the world’s first AET Digital Human Platform supporting digital asset payments. Covering the platform’s ecosystem positioning, core functionalities, and application scenarios, Mr. WU detailed the platform’s overall structure. He particularly emphasized how the AET Digital Human Platform leverages AI-generated content (AIGC) technology to provide innovative solutions for businesses and its role in driving digital transformation and accelerating the development of the digital economy.

These keynote speeches provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the future direction of the AET ecosystem, while also showcasing AET’s ambition and determination to lead digital economic innovation. By exploring the possibilities of future technologies, the AET ecosystem is gradually constructing a more open and interconnected digital world.

Roundtable ForumThe Impact and Opportunities of Digital Humans on the Future World

Subsequently, the launch event transitioned into another exciting segment—the roundtable forum. Themed “The Impact and Opportunities of Digital Humans on the Future World,” the forum garnered attention from both within and beyond the industry. Notably, the forum featured a lineup of industry leaders, including Ms. Daphne SHAO, Managing Director of Victory Securities Company Limited; Mr. Kenneth CHAU, Founder and CEO of the Metaversal Music Platform; Ms. Stella LEE, President of the Greater Bay Area Family; Ms. Carrie, Founder and CEO of WOW IMPACT GROUP; and Mr. Henry YU, Partner at L & Y LAW OFFICE. Their participation undoubtedly enriched the forum with heavyweight perspectives and insights.

This roundtable forum was not only a deep dive into the future development directions of AI and Web3 technologies but also a clash of ideas on how to leverage these advanced technologies to drive industry innovation and achieve social progress. The guests, through their unique perspectives and rich practical experience, engaged in thorough discussions on how digital human technology could impact and reshape the world in the future, along with the challenges and opportunities that might arise in this process.

Closing & Networking

With the successful conclusion of the launch event and the subsequent networking session, attendees showed strong interest and high expectations for the future of the AET ecosystem. The official release of the AET Digital Human AIGC Platform not only signifies another milestone achievement in digital asset payments and artificial intelligence for the AET ecosystem but also marks the beginning of a new era in the digital economy. This moment represents not just a victory for technological innovation but also heralds the limitless possibilities of future digital lifestyles.

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