PLANFT Beta is approaching; join to split a $100,000 MATIC Airdrop

As The First Global Web3.0 Social & NFT Trading Platform with NFT functional features, PLANFT embeds NFT into Web3.0 infrastructure, forming the unified Social Protocol by combining NFT Marketplace, NFT Minting and club establishing.

Perfectly integrating Web2.0 social tools with Web3.0 infrastructure, PLANFT covers a basic function to establish the blockchain metaverse in the way of Proof of NFT Verification.


PLANFT community has provided 100,000$MATIC as the reward for the airdrop campaign to show our gratitude to our users who have been supporting us.

We warmly welcome users from all around the world to participate in the event and discover the PLANFT platform’s features. We plan to host more unique events in the future to respond to our users.

To win the MATIC, you need to:

1. Join our official Telegram group:

2. Join our Discord group:

3. Follow our Twitter:

After that, click this link to apply for the MATIC Airdrop:

(Due to network fluctuations, there may be a delay in the arrival of airdrops, please wait patiently)

After receiving your MATIC airdrop, you can link the polygon network to join our beta, and enter PLANFT to mint, buy or sell your NFT.

PLANFT Marketplace:

We also strongly encourage you to invite your friends to join PLANFT.

The more people you invite, the more MATIC you will get.

Number of invitees: 1 – 10% Lucky Value

Number of invitees: 5 – 50% Lucky Value

Number of invitees: 10 or more – 100% or more Lucky Value

Note: All bots and duplicate entries will be automatically disqualified.

Bonus distribution style: On-chain automatic airdrop

The final interpretation right of this event is reserved by PLANFT Group.

Still have questions about our event? Join our Telegram Group and DM @PLANFT123 for further discussion.

Come and join the PlaNFT event and start your Web 3.0 experience!

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